One of the blessings is that you lose hair and certainly it lightens or it goes grey or it’s just not there anymore and I’ve always grown up with these great I always thought they were great thick eyebrows best microblading tools, but then as I got into my forties and now fifties, they seem to be disappearing, and so I have talked on lakes is likeable so about a few of the pencils that I enjoy using to draw in my eyebrows, so in doing so over the past few years and knowing that micro blading was this new ish procedure and permanent kind of makeup, um I thought I started looking into it and I started, you know ear to the ground listening for referrals looking into it following technicians microblading disposable hand tool.On Instagram I now am to the place where I am super interested so much so I booked it I thought you might want to come along and watch so here we go, fingers crossed, it is my understanding that there are two ways that you can tattoo your eyebrows one the micro blade technique and to the nano micro blade is the service that I have booked for and they utilize a thin razor like blade that has ink on it and as they cut skin, they deposit the ink at the same time, the second service being the nano and that is a traditional instrument used to tattoo.What I want you to tell me is what you like about your brows, but you don’t know what we’re looking for all the things that you’ve kind of tried and tested that you like powder makeup to like pencil makeup to like English, more feather do you like something a little bit older you can keep it natural with your browser, you can do something with kind of a little bit more, we can be somewhere in the middle, what will do throughout a the consultation processes, we draw everything in with a black black sharpie and all that, so we really recreate the appearance of the strokes rather than just give you a shape and hope you can imagine what we’re gonna do a couple things to keep in mind is obviously going to be really dark in comparison to our end result every microwaving appointment for a new client, we tell to kind of think of this as a two-step process, we’re gonna do kind of the base of our brow and what I say it’s like we’re going to frame a house today, and then when you come back in we’re getting the interior design, so if you want to leave room for one.Come back in we get that second session that gives us that more two-dimensional to three-dimensional kind of look to the ground, so it’s like one session and then how many months you might say ci a eight ten weeks we’ve got up to six months to come in, so when I was younger I always had Bush Iran perhaps especially in here, I’m really missing yeah bring that little bit in yeah to like more square inch, yeah just square that’s a little bit more instead of having this kind of curve out, feel like drawing things in a little thicker mature girls are definitely like my things too, like a lot working on country again I loved working with mature clients, because I feel like the best thing is like we’re giving you guys something back that you just have lost over time and a lot of time it’s without permission, or you know what I did myself a little dirty when I.I think in the French were feeling pretty good, nice and symmetrical looks we get started.Alright some spokes makes you a little bit of bleeding and that’s normal, that kind of tells us what we’re hitting that perfect epidermis layer, we’re getting little bits of spots of it and it’s not obviously running that tells me I’m hitting the perfect layer of where I want to be in more mature skin is definitely always gonna give us a little bit more irritation just because there’s obviously a little more surface damage from a little more time under the sun a little more skin care products, all that stuff, so how long is this permanent permanent semipermanent, so if you decided to never come back you’d probably get three to five years, oh yeah yeah, if you come back for the second session you’ll probably get a tiny tiny bit longer everyone’s a little different.I’ll give my song oh good zaher, okay there you have it, my new brows, I love the way they look I love how, if I can go in nice and close how individuals some of the hairs are and they just look natural, they look like my old, um I browse when I was younger and I think she did, Miranda did a fantastic job, little did I know that actually that brow salon spa is the best in bc apparently and even one of the tops in Canada so I’m so grateful that I got.Referral, thank you, you know who you are, they do look just really natural I quite like them, who knew your brows, make a huge difference on your face right now what I’m feeling is I still feel the numbing, you see some white outline, it will go away in a few hours I think they’ve made a huge improvement, it’ll be so nice to wake up and actually just have eyebrows there is some after care that I have to do that will capture those stages as well, hey day six just finished my workout so and I saw some flaking that was happening, apparently that is a thing that you because they’ve made little cuts along the way and placed ink inside of those cuts it’s natural that your skin just does some flaking.


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